We are a Canadian company that produces small batch, high quality seasonings and spice mixes. Our products are free from preservatives and fillers, and are packaged in plastic free containers.

Who We Are

Blended and packaged in Toronto, Canada, the True North Spice Company produces small batch, quality seasonings and spice mixes. Inspired by our great Canadian landscape, we have a strong focus on clean, natural, and sustainable products.

Our Products

To ensure our products are clean and natural, our seasonings and salt blends are free from preservatives, fillers, and additives. All of our herbs and spices are purchased and blended in small batches, ensuring our products are always fresh. Additionally, our use of metal tins serve a specific purpose; they are airtight, and keep light out. Did you know that herbs and spices are photosensitive? This means that they begin to break down and dry out when exposed to direct sunlight. Our packaging aims to prevent this happening, so your seasonings stay fresh as long as possible!


On a mission to reduce waste, all of our seasoning packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable. We have two sizing options available in reusable metal tins, and a refill option packaged in food grade paper bags. Wherever possible, our packing and shipping materials are paper, and are made from recycled materials.